STOCK UPDATE Please view the stock page here 🌐🌐 Unfortunately due to the Global semiconductor shortage Bluepill prices have shot up so we have had to increase the prices slightly.[CLOSE]

🇪🇺BlueSCSI Europe Purchase Page.🇪🇺

Kit, Kit with SMD and Fully Assembled for sale - EU Only.

BlueSCSI to SD provides a convenient way to use MicroSD cards hard drives in your Vintage Macintosh! This device should work on other vintage computers with SCSI, but we unfortunately don't have all devices to check. If you are able to confirm compatibility with your own device please let us know in the BlueSCSI discord server here → Discord Server. Click the button below to view the Github page for more info on this device, compatibility and assembly instructions. You can connect with me on Twitter, link in footer.


Click the Paypal buttons below to purchase - this includes Tracked postage to the EU🇪🇺. Kit Only - includes flashed Bluepill and all components (except SD card). Kit with SMD - SMD socket soldered and includes flashed Bluepill and all components (except SD card). Fully Assembled - Tested on our own vintage Mac. Supply your own SD card (small size is best).

↓🇪🇺 Europe Kit Only - £47 🇪🇺↓

Kit BlueSCSI

↓🇪🇺 Europe Kit with SD soldered - £51 🇪🇺↓


↓🇪🇺 Europe Fully Assembled - £68 🇪🇺↓

Full BlueSCSI

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