STOCK UPDATE for old boards (ver 1.0-c) we have 15 Kits in stock. We only sell unsoldered kits for these on this page. Once they are gone they are gone. Please choose UK Kit if you are in the UK or EU kit for rest of the world[CLOSE]

BlueSCSI Old Board Purchase Page.

Kit version board 1.0-c sold here for a discount. These function exactly the same as the new boards and come with the latest firmware.

BlueSCSI to SD provides a convenient way to use MicroSD cards hard drives in your Vintage Macintosh! Click the button below to view the Github page for more info on this device, compatibility and assembly instructions. You can connect with me on Twitter, link in footer.


Click the Paypal buttons below to purchase - this includes Tracked postage to your country. Kit includes flashed Bluepill and all components. Supply your own SD card (small size is best).

↓🇬🇧 UK Kit Only ver 1.0-c - £29 🇬🇧↓

Kit BlueSCSI

↓🇪🇺 Europe Kit Only ver 1.0-c - £47 🇪🇺↓

Kit BlueSCSI

↓🇬🇧 Over Easy - £20 | 3D Case 1.0-c - £7 🇬🇧↓

Kit Overeasy BlueSCSI case

Please click the respective Image above to purchase the 50 pin to DB25 adaptor kit, or the BlueSCSI ver 1.0-c 3D printed case.

OverEasy Assembly Instructions

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